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Цифровое сельское хозяйство

The Greenbar brand is transforming the new business model of agriculture.

By bringing technology and stability to the industry, we create horticulture technologies that are fast, affordable and hassle-free.

цифровое сельское хозяйство
виртуальный агроном
виртуальный агроном
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виртуальный агроном
виртуальный агроном
  • How much does a Greenbar farm cost in the minimum configuration?

    We sell commercial 100x100x250 cm modules that scale from one module to infinity. Payback of one module is no more than 12 months. This is a great starter module farm format to get into city farming and start earning. Find your niche and build a client base. The module is capable of producing 1000 units of live greens per month or 1600 servings of microgreens, as well as edible flowers or 30 kg of strawberries per month.

  • How to order Greenbar?

    The system for selling equipment is as simple as possible.
    For legal entities:
    1. Choose a farm package suitable for your business
    2. Sign the contract and pay the bill
    3. Get a farm as soon as possible.
    For individuals:
    You can purchase a showcase through an online store, or buy under an "offer" agreement.


  • Greenbar production time?

    All equipment is made to order at 100% prepayment for private use, 70% prepayment for companies. Production time 65 working days.

  • Can I receive my farm earlier than stated?

Equipment can be made faster. Equipment can be shipped earlier than 60 days if production is not loaded. We try to process all orders as quickly as possible.

  • How does a Geenbar vertical farm work?

    Geenbar equipment works remotely through the Virtual Agronomist system. We see the work of each installation online and update the services. Each use has a personal account through which you can always request assistance from the administrator, or you can always sign up for an online consultation through our customer service portal.

  • What if I don't know how to grow plants and I don't have an agronomist?

    No problem! Each Greenbar has a virtual agronomist so that everyone can easily grow their own crops without any professional knowledge and skills. You simply add water (we tell you when and how much), put in your seed pods, and then harvest when it's ripe. We take care of the rest with advanced monitoring, support for pH, nutrients, temperature, humidity and more.

  • What are the smallest or largest sizes  of the Greenbar counters?

    We have a large line of equipment and you can choose the desired size of the equipment at your discretion in the product sections.

  • Will it work anywhere in my home, office or cafe?

    All you need is a standard 220V outlet and a Wi-Fi network. The Greenbar comes with built-in lighting so proximity to a window is not required. The Greenbar has a built-in microclimate and ventilation system, so we don't care what temperature you have in the room. You have the option of built-in plumbing or a refillable water tank to fit easily in your living room, dining room, or even home office.

  • What can I grow at Greenbar?

    You can grow 96 microgreens in a professional line of microgreen equipment from 1 to 5 tiers, or you can order an entire farm. You can grow salads, herbs, edible flowers, strawberries and mini vegetables in over 300 crops in a professional herb line. We can grow cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and many exotic vegetables in the tomato house line.

  • Where can I get seeds?

    We grow seeds ourselves, in our fields in the vast Tula region. All seeds are grown exclusively organically, not treated with chemicals. We have amassed a rich collection of plants that are not found in large seed companies and foreign distributors. Therefore, we are ready at any time to supply you with the required quantity and a huge range of crops for cultivation.

  • What crops can I grow?

    Greenbar will offer you a variety of greens, herbs, edible flowers, microgreens, cherry tomatoes and more.Link to seed catalog>>

  • How can I start growing?

    There is a monthly subscription that includes an unlimited number of seed pods, nutrients and remote monitoring in the Ecorepka system. We can order a one-time supply of seeds, or you can subscribe to a stable constant supply of seeds.

  • Do you sell hydroponic plants for growing greens?

    We produce plants similar to hydroponics racks, with improved technological capabilities and advanced services for plant growth. We use related technologies, where we partially use the principles of hydroponics, aeroponics and bioponics. The mix of technology gives us better damping characteristics, and also minimizes the cost of water and electricity.

  • Why is hydroponics the last century?

    Hydroponics is not efficient and requires constant attention and professional skills in plant care, changing and adjusting fertilizers and PH. In hydroponics, there are constant risks of plant diseases, unstable growth quality, and in case of any system failure, you will lose the entire crop. In hydroponics, it is impossible to control and stabilize the supply of fertilizers and nutrient solutions; often, crops that are harvested using hydroponics technology may contain excess elements that the plant has received by being constantly in the nutrient solution. In Greenbar, the plant is partially in the water and receives exactly the amount of nutrition it needs for active growth and cultivation of vitamin components. We can guarantee stable crop quality and 100% organic content in the finished product.

  • What nutrients do you use and what are they made from?

    Nutrients - plant food!
    The nutrients we use are made from natural elements, providing plants with the same set of elements and the same composition of nutrients that you find in natural soil. They come in liquid form and are mixed for each plant individually with the help of a virtual agronomist. No chemistry!

  • What is the impact on the environment?

    Greenbar is designed for the comfortable growing of live plants in any room. You do not have to go anywhere, you can grow your crops at home, in the office, in any room for yourself and for your business. There are no emissions and waste of harmful radiation and side effects in Greenbar.

  • Is Greenbar available internationally?

    Currently Greenbar is available for pre-order in all regions of Russia, as well as the countries of the Middle East and Europe. Geenbar retail models are shipped worldwide via an international shipping service. Stay tuned for updates on our website or subscribe to news (subscribe button).

  • How are you better than your competitors?

    We are able to grow plants of excellent quality at costfrom 6 rubles. We started to grow plants, and then we created conditions for them. All companies that exist at this stage invent already invented hydroponics, and then try to grow plants on it. They suffer from diseases, mold fungus, poor crop quality and invent how to deal with it.
    We foresaw all this a long time ago, excluded from the work of our farms and try to make the life of the owner of the farm and the plants on the farms comfortable.
    You can buy a farm from competitors, but you will still come to us for farm growing and maintenance technologies. Our farms are designed to grow plants, in Greenbar plants do not get sick and do not grow moldy. You don't have to "fly a drone" indoors, looking for diseased plants, and you don't have to be afraid that the crop will die from an overabundance of fertilizers. We do not use fertilizers, we are able to stabilize nutrient solutions and dose top dressing.

  • INsince company X farms are cheaper, can you make your own for the same price?

    Cheaper doesn't mean better quality. Company X produces antediluvian hydroponics, which will make your plants sick, for which you need to make repairs to the premises, fight fungus and mold, constantly spend time cleaning and maintaining systems. for conventional hydroponics, you will have to make expensive specialized repairs to the room, carry out ventilation and humidifiers. It will end up being more expensive.  We sell trusses, no hidden extras.  The modules are already provided with everything you need and can be freely placed in any unprepared room._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-c56d-136d is built into the modules"virtual agronomist"which will allow more stable and without hassle, to earn money on the sales of crops. We can compare our farms with a good car, you can buy a cheap Russian car and spend time repairing it, searching for components, spending time servicing this very car, or you can buy a great SUV that you will enjoy driving, occasionally visiting a service center . Our farm is a great SUV. It is up to you to decide whether you will spend time under the hood of a six or enjoy driving an SUV.

  • Here the company "U" has industrial farms and they grow ... ? Why are you better?

    We do not learn from your farms to “grow mint and tomatoes” and do not spend investor money on improving hydroponics.
    Our farms are designed for the comfortable cultivation of fresh herbs and vegetables. All problems with service and maintenance are transferred to automation. We earn on growing greens together with you.
    We build different farms, and we know how to grow plants in small areas with minimal cost.Our farms begin to pay off already from a module per 1 sq. meter.
    We do not spend investor money to “learn how to grow”. All mistakes and learning have long been passed, we offer a proven excellent business with a guarantee of productivity.

  • Why should we buy equipment from you?

    Because we guarantee you the yield from our farms.
    Our farms pay off in 12 months regardless of the amount of money invested in them.
    Our farms are easily built into any room.
    Our farms are closed from the external environment, you do not have to make repairs and specially prepare the premises, you do not need to spend extra money on ventilation and air conditioning, everything you need is already built into our systems. You just have to place and run.

  • I need a farm... do you make these sizes?

    Yes, we manufacture custom-made industrial farms. You do not need to pay extra for project documentation, we will calculate and produce a farm according to your parameters.
    On these farms, you can grow different crops of plants according to a predetermined program plan. The equipment is equipped with software that will help you achieve high yields in the shortest possible time and without knowledge.
    For individual calculations, primary data is required - this is a characteristic of the room (ceiling height and footage, if water supply, heating). The cost of electricity, the price of renting a room or paying utility bills per month if this is your room.

  • What is the difference or difference between the sown area and the area of the premises?

    The area of the premises is what you have or what you plan the size of the room or hangar where the farm itself will be, the sown area is the area on each tier where plants directly grow. These are 2 completely different values, because on 1 meter of the area of \u200b\u200bthe premises there can be 4 or more meters of the sown area of vertical beds. Thus, using the principle of vertical, multi-tiered systems, you can get 4-5-6 times more yield per meter than in a conventional field, on a relatively small area of the room.

  • What is the price for 1 sq. farm meter?

    The cost includes the price of the base of the farm - this is a frame, pallets of phytolight; nutrient and water supply systems. Control unit with sensors and microcontrollers. This is an important part of the cost, which is included in each square meter of the farm.
    Therefore, our price, unlike similar applications on the market, is as transparent as possible. Once you pay for the equipment, you don't have to pay extra for software, solution node, training, or knowledge base connection. Everything you need to start your farm you pay once. No hidden fees, commissions or imposed services.

  • What is the cost of production?

    The price of fresh herbs and microgreens in the cost price does not exceed 22 rubles per pot or per serving. All expenses for housing and communal services, depreciation, expenses for cultivation, maintenance, logistics, packaging and tax fees are invested in this sum. The price can be almost 2 times lower depending on individual parameters. The price cannot be higher. What does it depend on? We tried to calculate all the data in our financial models, if you need details, we will make you personal calculations according to your parameters.
    The cost of production largely depends on the size of the farm, for example, the larger the sown area of your farm, the less the cost fund will be per 1 kg of production.

  • I want to get exclusive conditions for a city or a region. Is it possible?

    In general, nothing is impossible. We calculate the marketing plan for the region and decide how many farms you need to buy / put in order to get an exclusive right.

  • We have a small town, how can I find a market for greens or microgreens?

    For small towns, we develop an individual plan and offer conditions for the promotion and sale of products. We focus on your capabilities and preferences. The market for microgreens and herbs is very large and the niche is practically vacant, you can always start selling exactly those types of live products that are not represented in your region, for example, mint, with our support. Even those who have never bought it flock to its fragrance, and having bought it once, they will always return.

  • I want a farm, but I don't have money. Can I buy equipment on credit or lease?

    Yes, we try to make the purchase of Greenbar as comfortable as possible.
    You can buy Greenbar on credit.
    You can buy Greenbar on lease
    We provide Muslim installments for the purchase of Greenbar
    So we have special conditions, and we offer the delivery of Greenbar as part of the support for small and medium-sized businesses. You can receive subsidies from the government of your region or get reimbursed for leasing and loan payments, and for residents of Moscow there is a special reimbursement program for the purchase of our franchise!

  • Where can I see a working farm?

    The work of the farm is a closed space, not designed for the flow of spectators, therefore, to the farm where we
    commercially we grow greens it is impossible to get.

    You can see the equipment in Moscow  Tverskoy boulevard d. 9 restaurant LES in the restaurant hall you can see  showcases for greens, microgreens and tomatoes.

  • How to get to your farm on a guest day?

We periodically arrange guest days, with tastings  in the laboratory farm of the innovation center  TRINITYsign up for a tour>> Hyou need to subscribe to our news and follow the announcements, we always try to write in advance when we are ready to receive you!

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