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The concept of "freshness" is
new meaning thanks to
Greenbar technologies

Harvesting takes place on the spot – environmentally harmful transportation is completely eliminated thanks to growing where there is a need.

Tens of thousands of people already
support us.

By developing with us, you are contributing to the conservation of the planet's resources.
By purchasing our products, you get excellent live products from our farms, which preserve and strengthen your health.

We are all different, we live in different countries, we believe in different gods, we study in different cultures and traditions.

We all live on the same planet, walk the same land and breathe the same air.

We all want to save the planet for our children and grandchildren, and we must eat every day.

We grow live greens for your health, we grow greens and grow technologically,

we create equipment for growing live fresh food.

Устойчивое развитие Микрозелень, Витрины Greenbar , виртуальный агроном. гидропоника клубника ситиферма

Our company invests 40% of income in a social project for biodiversity conservation and creates a park Bezhin meadow 21st century We collect seeds and seedlings from all over the world, create a seed base to pass plants to future generations. We planted the world's largest plant labyrinth, which entered the Russian Book of Records and became a member of the Guinness Book of Records.

By purchasing our products, you are making a contribution to saving our planet, preserving biodiversity forests. Buying 10 bouquets of our herbs gives us the opportunity to plant a tree in the park. You can personally participate in our program to come to the park and plant your tree. For each tree we give a personalized certificate.

Greenbar is part of the world
communities for the implementation of goals
sustainable development

We receive a $120,000 annual grant from GOOGLE to support and implement world-class socially responsible business and sustainable development.

Устойчивое развитие Микрозелень, Витрины Greenbar , виртуальный агроном. гидропоника клубника ситиферма

Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture

The problem of lack of food and hunger in the world is practically solved, however, humanity, breaking away from the earth, is faced with a lack of important vitamins and microelements. According to UN forecasts, by 2050 the world's population will be 9.7 billion people 2|3 of which will live in cities, which means that we need to create alternative technologies to provide food for urban residents. Greenbar is not only computer and agricultural technologies, it is the provision of balanced nutrition and vitamins to people in hard-to-reach regions with a harsh climate: From the Arctic to the Antarctic, in hot and cold, in mountains and deserts. Guarantees stable volumes of live production.



Goal 6. Clean water and sanitation Greenbar uses 90-95% less water than conventional agriculture, so we live in the here and now, rather than borrowing valuable resources from future generations.Our herbs and vegetables grow using aerobioponic technologies, where water drops circulate inside the system and are dosed exclusively for irrigation. Greenbar uses 90-95% less water
than traditional agriculture, thus we live here and now, and do not borrow valuable resources from future generations. 

Goal 7. Affordable and clean energy

Greenbar uses 85% less energy than traditional farming, which includes energy-intensive greenhouses, polluting transport and warehouses, grows crops in a targeted manner and targets specific consumption groups. Geenbar farms are located in close proximity to the consumer, reducing the traffic load and bypassing warehouses.

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Greenbar allows you to create a worthy social business with minimal investment and feed people with live food. Suitable for any age and generation. The franchise format allows, without having the skills to grow and sell crops to young mothers with children. With Greenbar, a modern farmer does not have to take care of hundreds of hectares to deal with weather adversity, weed, water, plow and net. Farming becomes a joy!

Goal 9. Industrialization, innovation and infrastructure

Greenbar uses digital technologies, where an agronomist is replaced by artificial intelligence, and plant care is done completely remotely via a cloud service. Greenbar is manufactured and serviced by the best people, product and software improvements are constantly coming out - it is in fact the product of a new "knowledge economy".

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Geenbar shapes the urban environment as a whole: local urban farms that provide food to citizens, refresh and humidify indoor air, reduce logistics costs and allow city residents to always get fresh food, and also not lose touch with nature.
Fresh herbs grown right in the garden in vertical display farms retain all the vitamins and have excellent taste. Harvesting takes place on the spot – environmentally harmful transportation is completely eliminated thanks to growing where there is a need.

Goal 12. Responsible consumption and production

Greenbar, being a localized food production, ensures sustainable consumption and production, involves a transition to sustainable consumption and production patterns. Produced food often ends up in dumpsters or spoils due to poorly organized harvesting and transportation, but Greenbar completely solves this problem by creating a formula in which not a single lettuce wither on the store counter.

Goal 13. Combat climate change

We produce food, saving the planet from the negative consequences of economic activity. Greenbar does not damage the environment by growing its products, we do not use arable land, we do not waste natural water bodies for irrigation, we do not destroy insects and plants.
Since plants grow in closed windows in cities, pesticides and herbicides can be completely dispensed with in cultivation. This protects our soils and does not harm bees and other beneficial insects. We do not use the land, which means that we preserve natural resources. Our plants receive optimal conditions for their growth in vertical farms, we do not use heavy machinery and thus reduce emissions into the atmosphere and contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel use.

Goal 15. Conserve terrestrial ecosystems

Greenbar spends 40% of its income on biodiversity conservation.
We have created and maintain the Bezhin Lug park, where we collect our seed fund and our plant base, thereby preserving the biobalance of nature and not harming the earth. 26 hectares where plants from all over the world are collected and grown using permaculture and organic farming technologies. All plants adapted to the territorial climate bloom and produce crops.

Goal 17: Partnerships for sustainable development

Greenbar creates a community under the slogan: "do not harm nature and feed people in the city", we are constantly researching plants and adapting their cultivation in closed systems. We create conditions under which people get all the necessary living food without excessive exploitation of nature. Geenbar intelligent modular farms mimic natural processes and precisely adapt temperature, light spectrum and nutrients to our plants. This allows us to achieve the most natural growth and quality. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can grow absolutely live and healthy plants. The best ecological balance and the quality of the freshness of herbs can hardly be found.

Goal 3: Ensuring healthy lifestyles and promoting well-being for all at all ages.

Long-term use of traditional methods of crop production: the widespread use of chemicals, the cultivation of any one crop on the same areas, lead to a decrease in soil fertility, a reduction in production, an increase in the content of chemical fertilizer residues and chemical elements in agricultural products. A number of heavy metals that enter the body through such synthetic products are practically not excreted. Greenbar farms use only live organic nutrients in the right proportions for the plants. This is full quality control  at all stages of growth. This contributes to providing people with healthy nutrition and   reducing chronic diseases, increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of treating many diseases through their prevention.

Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

School of city farming. At Greenbar farms, children learn digital city farming technologies, we try to instill a love for plants in the city and teach people to live and work in harmony with nature. The traditional profession of a farmer is not promising for the younger generation, so Greenbar is trying to do everything so that children   get an interest in farming and growing food, learn new technologies and be able to feed future generations._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Растите с нами и узнавайте первыми самые свежие возможности цифрового растениеводства!

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