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A copy of Ekorepka is going to Grozny!

Startup Ekorepka - the production of automated showcases for growing greens and micro greens was included in the top 3 projects of the ZAYED INNOHUB accelerator. Within 3 months we will pack our project for presentation and promotion on the international market. We present equipment for vertical farms in the United Arab Emirates.

The program was developed by the Grozny State Petroleum Technical University and is being implemented with the financial support of the Sheikh Zayed Foundation for the Support of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Ecorepka produce our showcases and city farms under the Greenbar brand.

Innovative vertical farm modules for growing herbs, herbs, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, peppers and other plants using artificial intelligence digital technologies in the Virtual Agronomist program. As part of the accelerator, our mobile arrangement will be improved with new convenient features. Ekorepka is a promising area of city farming - growing fresh herbs and vegetables in the city. We produce showcases that are controlled via a mobile application and change the skills of an agronomist with an electronic solution.


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