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Unlimited market with limited opportunities. How to make money from medicinal herbs.

The report notes that incomes of agricultural families are rapidly declining. Today, up to 60% of ordinary village households depend on income from the cultivation and collection of medicinal plants.

According to the report, this type of activity brings impressive profitability - the average worker can earn 23.6 rubles per hour, which is 283.2 rubles for a 12-hour working day.

Interestingly, the volume of possible procurement of medicinal plants is up to 8.5 million tons per year, but for some unknown reason, only 6% of these valuable resources are used, even despite their enormous potential.

Greenbar is intensively developing technologies for growing medicinal raw materials.

This new form of entrepreneurship can become a source of significant income for rural residents.

The business idea of growing medicinal herbs on vertical farms using hydroponics is attracting more and more virtual agronomists. In conclusion, it is safe to say that the prospects for growing medicinal herbs on vertical farms using hydroponics in rural Russia are promising and provide a real opportunity to develop an effective and profitable business.

Medicinal herbs are an integral part of the food market, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

In Russia, however, a limited amount of this product is grown. The main part of the market is cultivated plants. Botanical gardens grow about 200-300 species of medicinal plants, but most producers strive to preserve collections rather than use plants for medicinal purposes. It is important to note that growing medicinal plants has its own specific nuances.

Not all plants are suitable for growing into high-quality raw materials and contain the necessary set of vitamins and enzymes. For example, nettle is rich in vitamin P, but in order to enrich it with this vitamin, it is necessary to create conditions for its accumulation during the growing process, which is impossible in field conditions. An important factor is also the reduction of the cost of raw materials due to their quality. In addition, an important aspect is the correct collection and drying of medicinal plants, for example, for field chamomile, its collection or transplantation to another area can lead to a loss of healing properties. Growing plants in an artificial, ideal environment will increase the necessary properties and guarantee high-quality assembly of the finished raw materials. A pilot project for the digital cultivation of medicinal herbs on a vertical farm using the Virtual Agronomist software could become a new cost-effective direction and bring together participants in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

"Our company has developed a database in the "Virtual Agronomist" program and is able to grow any crops without problems. Imagine! No need to guess the weather, walk through forests and fields in search of plants, No need to catch the period before flowering, flowering time or AUTUMN HARVEST. We We program data for microclimate growth and daily routine. This makes it possible to revolutionize the world of natural crop production." Anna Vititina, Spanish. director.


In Greenbar modules, the cultivation of medicinal herbs becomes a stable business with a guarantee of harvest through the use of digital technologies and the creation of conditions identical to natural ones.

Collection and systematization of big data in the field of agronomy is a key task of agriculture in the field of digital crop production. Unstable climatic conditions, unsustainable environmental management, increasing population in large cities, problems with logistics and increasing carbon emissions force us to look for more and more new solutions in the field of food security and supplying large cities with organically pure food. The technologies being developed within the framework of the project will make it possible to bring crop production to a fundamentally new level; this is no longer agriculture, but the production of fresh vegetables, berries, medicinal and herbs, with predetermined parameters, through the use of software that allows regular, stable, error-free and factor of “crop failure” to obtain a harvest, calculate the volume of growth, the rate of return, and plan a marketing plan for sales of finished products.

The system will ensure increased efficiency of crop farm management, rational distribution of financial and material resources and the most complete scientifically based use of opportunities without soil technologies, labor resources, and natural and climatic factors.

The use of artificial intelligence will allow you to create optimal growing conditions. Do not fight fungal growths and insects in hydroponics, aeroponics and bioponics systems, or greenhouses, as is common today, but create conditions that prevent the occurrence of side effects from mold, bacteria and, as a result, prevent plant diseases.

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